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How to Budget Like a Boss


Budgeting is one of the most important financial exercises to pave your way to financial success. Budgeting is essentially breaking down your income vs expenses to learn where your money is spent, and to work out your disposable income so you can get started on wealth creation! In this PocketFin course we teach you how to budget like a boss, to learn one of the most critical skills for your personal finance repertoire!

Chapter 1: The Importance of Budgeting

A financial plan cannot be started until you have created a comprehensive budget, in essence, it can be seen as the cornerstone to a successful long term financial plan.

Chapter 2: Categorise!

Get your bank statements, highlighters and budget template ready! It’s time to get practical!

Chapter 3: Disposable Income and Rules of Thumb

That exercise wasn’t too bad was it? It’s time to learn about why finding your disposable income is so important and the rules of thumb when it comes to allocating portions of your income to your financial plan.

Chapter 4: Continuously Review

This isn’t a once-off! It is critical that we learn how and when to review our budget as life changes, and how this can impact your financial plan.

Course Curated By:

PocketFin Director Pierre vd Merwe

Pierre vd Merwe

Financial Advisor

Pierre is a serial Entrepreneur with a love for fintech, education and financial services development. He has been awarded numerous accolades in his financial planning practice over the years and has an absolute passion for helping people and business. Pierre has a keen interest in financial education and promoting entrepreneurship for a more inclusive, informed and positive world.

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