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Take a look through our frequently asked questions and if you still don’t have your answer please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Does PocketFin provide financial advice?

We do not provide financial advice or advice on financial products, we are an education company who intends to teach you everything about personal finance, economics and business. Should you require personal financial advice get in touch so we could put you in touch with one of our preferred external professional financial advisors. 

When are new courses uploaded?

Once you sign up for our full membership you’ll immediately have access to 6 courses, after that new courses will become available to you weekly.  The PocketFin document archive, financial calculators and our event calendar is launching soon and included on all paid memberships. You will be notified of any new content, guest appearances or uploads via email. We want to make your PocketFin experience that of ongoing learning.

Can I get PocketFin subscriptions for my employees or for a large group of people?

Yes! Please get in touch with us with regards to our special family bundles and bulk corporate memberships. We would love to enable your loved ones and colleagues to become more financially literate and empowered whilst at the same time benefiting those around you.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! We are here to take you on a journey of financial and business education and not here to lock you into a contract. If you for some reason feel that you no longer want to be a part of PocketFin you can simply contact us on support@pocketfin.co.za should you wish to cancel your subscription